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Sales Representative

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Live successfully in your new home


Abstract: Helping their clients move forward, the McLean Teams helps every step of the way


Purchasing a home is often one of the happiest times in a person’s life. A sense of freedom, accomplishment, and having their own space is outstanding. But it’s one thing to purchase a home and another to live successfully in that home.


Bill and Shannon McLean are one real estate team that is dedicated to ensuring their clients do just that.


In addition to the Home Inspection Report, which includes maintenance tips and points, the team is happy to provide clients with contact information for reputable trades people, should they want to improve, renovate or customize their new home. Shannon admits that improvements are encouraged, “to provide ongoing satisfaction and value.”


As you await possession of your new home, it can be an exciting, but stressful time. The closing date is when all the decisions become final, the title is transferred to the buyer’s name and your purchase is now your home.


Helping you through this exciting time, the McLean Team will let you know that you will obtain keys from your lawyer no later than 5 p.m. on closing day. As part of every offer, the McLean Team include a clause that warranties every appliance and operating system in the home, ensuring they are all in good working order when you take possession.


When you do, it’s your responsibility to ensure they do in fact work by completing a walkthrough, checking that everything included in the offer is still there and working.

If anything doesn’t work, the McLean’s and your lawyer will require written notification to help them rectify the situation.


 “We value our clients,” Shannon says, “and their satisfaction is paramount to our ongoing relationship with them,” a part of the process that’s very important to this team. They are honoured when clients refer them to friends and family, and do their best to ensure those clients are happy, too.

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